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As a native born out of Indianapolis, Indiana, Chris Mack began writing lyrics at the age of 11. It all started because of his desire to be a reflection of his father, Chris Downs, who delivered his Hip Hop midwest flow & southern cadence to share his story of street redemption. All it took was a group of faith-based rappers living a life of influence to make Chris's father reconsider his musical endeavors, eventually leading to a pursuit of sharing Christ content all over the midwest region. Chris Jr. desired to rap about the same message because it was what he was familiar with. This led to lead strokes on paper while rehearsing verses to instrumentals on boom boxes and walkman CD players. What started as a hobby transformed into a full-time endeavor by the time Chris reached high school. Junior year of high school marks Chris Mack's decision to seriously consider & walk out what it meant to be a follower of Christ. This created a desire to strive for transparency through his content. 


Drawing inspiration from Southern Hip Hop, & Soul elements, Chris Mack uniquely combines them to create anthems, testimonies & stories of daily life, giving a sense of journey and adventure through honest music. Chris is quick to point out the sin within his own heart to exalt his need for redemption. In understanding his imperfection & recklessness alongside of others, Mack levels the playing field and waits for the appropriate moment to provide a solution. Often there is a cry for help and a rescuer of freedom. Through this experience, the main intention is to make art that provokes thinking and feeling. He enjoys communicating a multitude of themes with his audience by focusing on Christ and the significance that he holds in various topics.


Chris writes songs about beliefs, values, deity, feelings, emotions all in hopes that they will prompt genuine conversations. Intimate audience interaction is the greater goal than writing a strikingly catchy song (although very important). Songs have the ability to spring forth dialogue that goes beyond entertainment. 


“The ministry comes first, then the music. I’ve learned that living my life is crucial to the music that I write. Music is a talent and gift that God has blessed me with. Therefore I intend to only give God glory through this gift and use it as a tool to connect and build relationships with people. Daily I must remind myself that music doesn’t make who I am. God does.”